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The Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

Sports By 5 is the official provider of PTR in Souteast Asia.

The PTR was established in 1976 to certify tennis teachers through an internationally recognized test based on the standardized teaching method.

While most tennis experts agree that there are many different ways to teach tennis, the concept of a worldwide teaching standard is sound. In today’s transient and mobile society, tennis players should be able to continue to develop their basic skills without being subjected to the whims of each individual teaching professional.

Today, the PTR has more than 13,000 teachers and coaches in over 126 countries most of whom are certified to teach tennis using a bio-mechanically sound method.

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Membership (Full Member) Benefits At A Glance

  • Liability Insurance Coverage for United States, Canada and United Kingdom
  • Access to,
  • Tennis Pro Magazine and Tennis Magazine
  • PTR Annual International Symposium and US$25,00 Tournament (Symposium fees not included)
  • Discount on Professional Development Courses and Programs
  • Special pricings on books, manuals and DVDs
  • Professional Development Weekend (Conference fees not included)
  • Gamma Strings, Grips, Accessories, Ballhoppers and Court Equipment
  • Quickstart and PTR Kids Tennis Equipment
  • Head Racquets and Bags
  • PTR Logo apparel (Diadora and Kaelin)
  • Diadora Shoes
  • Playmate Ball Machines
  • Discount on Rudy Project sunglasses
  • Job Bulletin (NetWorks)
  • PTR Annual International Membership Handbook listing

The Top-10 Qualities of PTR Professionals

  1. We are friendly. PTR pros make newcomers feel extremely welcome.
    We learn their names and put them at ease.

  2. We are organized. We are able to sort out groupings and initiate the action with a minimum of standing around or wasted time.

  3. We can demonstrate the graduated length method for teaching strokes. Whether in slow motion or regular speed, we can demonstrate every stroke from a simple fundamental base to the more complex components.

  4. We have good feeding skills. In a group situation, PTR pros know double-rhythm feeding, i.e. that there should be two balls in the air at virtually the same time. By knowing double-rhythm feeding, the quality of a PTR group drill session is greatly enhanced.

  5. We understand the need for individual attention. PTR pros have the ability to give quick individual help to personalize the group learning experience,
    while still keeping the group active. We are concerned that everyone should be getting full value for their time.

  6. We empower our students. PTR pros show our students how to rally with
    each other so that they can improve independently from the pro. We show
    them how to send the ball and how to receive it.

  7. We show our students how to practice. PTR pros have a number of ways
    to show novice players how to practice, whether against a backboard or a ball machine, with a partner or partners.

  8. We are good at marketing our lessons. When PTR pros wrap up a lesson,
    they review each person’s performance, remind them of the importance of practice and schedule their next lesson.

  9. We care for our students. PTR pros follow up the development of our
    students with phone calls, notes or emails.

  10. We love the game. PTR pros know that if you teach for the money, it’s the
    worst profession in the world. Because we love to teach, our livelihood
    becomes extremely fulfilling.

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